The Hydration 3 Pointer

A common cause of early fatigue during exercise is dehydration. Each athlete should have his or her own individual sports bottle. Cool, flavored fluids like sports drinks, encourage drinking and help athletes replenish fluid losses. Dehydration can be prevented by using these guidelines from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association:

Hydration Guidelines

Point 1: Pre-Court

  • Drink 17 to 20 oz of fluid 2 to 3 hours prior to playing
  • Drink another 7 to 10 oz fluid 10 to 20 minutes before playing
  • Record baseline weight to assess fluid losses

Point 2: On the Court

  • Drink at least 7 to 10 oz of fluid every 10 to 15 minutes

Point 3: Post-Court

  • Record post-exercise weight to assess fluid losses
  • Within 2 hours of finishing training or competition, drink at least 20 oz for every 1lb. of weight loss


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